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Puppy Mixers

Puppy Mixers are a recurring event at Brew Park, exclusively for puppies 2-4 months old. They happen the last two Saturdays of every month.

Event Details

When: 9-10 AM the last two Saturdays of each month

Where: Brew Park Plymouth - 2605 Fernbrook Ln N suite J, Plymouth, MN 55447

Cost: A ticket costs $15, however, you can buy a two day pass for $25

Event Requirements

  1. Your puppy must be between 2-4 months old.

  2. Your puppy must be up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations, which includes Distemper Combo (Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza) and Bordetella. Rabies vaccine not necessary before 4 months old.

  3. Fill out the Brew Park registration and consent form prior to the event.

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Why attend?

The Brew Park Puppy Mixers are aimed toward giving you and your puppy a chance to make friends with others in a fun, controlled environment, free of adult dogs during their prime socialization period!

Upcoming Puppy Mixers

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